Do we really need to be productive?

Everytime we get up in the morning, we tend to have mixed up feelings. Sometimes, we might feel excited, feared, or even not feel anything at all. No matter how we feel on a particular day, we need to do any of our responsibilities and finish it before the due date. As long as what we’ve done in a day brings us closer to our objectives, we are definitely having a productive day. But, we need to bear in mind the limit of our body, to make us enjoy the process.

Productivity is a key aspect for my self-development goals. It could help me to be more persistent to reach any goal that I want to achieve. I believe as human beings we have many plans or wishes that sometimes we can’t imagine that we will achieve. I remembered when I was in the process of writing my final thesis a couple of years ago. There are various obstacles that make me closer to not finishing it on time. However, after I tried to clear all negative talk in mind, I am just trying the best I could. I started to create a target in an achievable time. I was only focused on creating any progress without thinking too much about the final result. Luckily, I can finish it a few days before the end of registration date and my thesis got a satisfying result. Hence, I believe that being productive would help us achieve our objectives that we think are impossible.

I believe we are probably unconscious that what we do is a part of productivity. For example, when we have a goal to have a good mental condition, taking an adequate rest is part of it. Most of my time at this moment is actually spent on work-related activities. On the other hand, I also have certain skills that I am really eager to have, such as speaking english fluently, and data analytics skills. As part of my effort of being productive, I would spare time in a day to expose myself to those skills. I might scrolling in social media to find english content, learning on data analytics content, sometimes I have meditation which is guided by an app called headspace, most importantly I try to have a sufficient rest by decent sleep time.

One of the challenges that really bothers me about being productive is the distraction of using my phone. To overcome this situation, sometimes I hide my phone far from me. Usually, I hide my phone under the pillow. But, in the bigger picture, the obstacle that I face on being productive is hard to keep me focused on doing something. To minimize distraction, I try to not open any tasks that don’t relate to what I’m doing. Also, one suggestion that I found to stay focused is by taking a quick break around 5 minutes every hour when working at a tight pace.

Everyone might have different standards on being productive. In my perspective, no matter what we are doing, as long as it gives us good value, it is definitely a productive activity. We need to be more focused on ourselves rather than external factors to define our productive standards because we are the ones who really know ourselves. If we really want to grow as an individual, we definitely need to have control of ourselves on being productive.

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